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Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I have a real soft spot for Face F1st. Part of the PWA crew (Pirate Wall Art), Face F1st’s pieces are always low-key and often tucked away. What I like about this piece is the calming image and simplicity in the artwork. Nothing flashy, but a […]

via 164. Ashley Road (4) — Natural adventures

Ghosts in the shade.

Death is kinda cool when ya get used to it! Shieeet* I’m translucent.

When a “faggot” passes on, sometimes they drag-on.. “Dragon,”m MORELIKEIT! imploring that I’m coming for YOUR LIFE BITCH.

Loosening up your floorboards creeking* creeping toward yours.

You called me a freak cause I wore make, up… my lace covered face tasting your blood ingedient of your hate as you wake up.

Sweeter than sex is revenge let’s pretend YOU made amends, I’ll chill a moment… amen”

Playing pianos while your in bed shitting yourself alone eyes wide as a full moon lit. Fit of despair your screams are useless. Or maybe in the basement hanging nooses as amusement.

I hope you use it….

They used to tell me “get ghost.”

Now I’m playing host in bloodstained robes.

I’m crawling up your ceiling eyeballs gleaming with utter disgusting nothingness asking if you remember when you tried forcing me to suck your….

You would harass my phone…now you dread; the dead ringing ” you” is this your last **** -HELL-O ****

It’s… It’s… shade on the phone….

People make me nauseous. Should have been a little more cautious I’m coming up to your room as several different Objects to turn your body        innnnnnside out and CONVEX.

Ghosts in the shade, stay away from our sets.

When the stars lit I’m outside your window.

Don’t make me crawl in.