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I don’t know.

Lately I haven’t felt like writing; maybe I’m craving more out of life and something new. When I started this blog in January I could not stop writing and posting and it really felt amazing but lately I just don’t know what to say. I have lots to say but maybe I feel like wordpress isn’t as much as a connection with the world as I thought it was, even though I love reading and sharing other bloggers work but… don’t really have the drive to search for the materials I’d like to share from elsewhere or the drive to find meaning in newer posts. I do write but it just feels different now… The summer is here and maybe my body and mind is telling me to seize it. Maybe I just lost touch with the creative writer/blogger inside myself I’m not sure…

Although I’ve slowed I don’t think my creativity will ever diminish. I have been doing photography and that felt great. Self modelling type photography is important to me; I like to come back to photos; as a trans girl I think that it’s important that I keep going in that sense. I am hoping to maybe do some today. I love imagery, of myself and of the world. Drawing is also one of my passions too; and I did some of that yesterday as well. My writing is a good outlet but to be honest I prefer photography and painting or drawing any day. Or graffiti. On page or in the streets it really doesn’t matter.

I don’t know.

Keep It Positive. Keep It Real.© — gainperspectiveblog

Keep it positive. Keep it real. At times of uncertainty and troubles, we tend to overcome by anxiety of all the things that might happen-the what ifs. People tend to tangle themselves of scenarios that are created out of worries and projected fear. I am not talking about real and immediate danger; but rather I … Continue reading Keep It Positive. Keep It Real.©

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Writing important? Journaling? Being an artist? About me: Nina

I wrote a couple poems this morning; Releasing thoughts is important and bottling emotions is dangerous to say the least. Although writing isn’t a cure perhaps it is a permanent insight to the root, the roots of joy or sorrow. After such release I can move on and forward or upward.

I’m no Shakespeare but you don’t need a degree in writing to make a story; to create a feeling, realization or actualization. Writing is often a reflection of self for me in particular, the changes in my minds chemistry and life’s situational events. I don’t intend to write anything in particular or film or draw or paint. It’s simply…Outside world internalized and vice versa.

The importance of simply applying pen to paper (even when you dont, didn’t…want to) can be a tool for writers block, frustration, etc. “Apply ass to chair,”. My teacher would say* I read a book called : The Artists Way and it spoke of writing or journaling for one hour each morning and to spend at least one day a week on “an artists vacation”; meaning to spend one day a week doing things new or… finding inspiration, joy and possibly profound. Don’t become captive to a routine, life was not meant to be lived like a “to do list”.

I truly love wordpress for the writers I’ve encountered. I love it for its photography and news. For the most part we’re here to create, express, inform and just maybe… change the world, one thought and line at a time. Thanks for following me, I follow anyone following me and am often overwhelmed but I thank each and everyone for contributing to the artistic processes.

Featured image art by: Mear-One

Have an amazing day,


Masterpiece and Spontaneity. A zen story.


A master calligrapher was writing some characters onto a piece of paper. One of his especially perceptive students was watching him. When the calligrapher was finished, he asked for the student’s opinion – who immediately told him that it wasn’t any good. The master tried again, but the student criticized the work again.

Over and over, the calligrapher carefully redrew the same characters, and each time the student rejected it. Finally, when the student had turned his attention away to something else and wasn’t watching, the master seized the opportunity to quickly dash off the characters. “There! How’s that?,” he asked the student. The student turned to look. “THAT…. is a masterpiece!” he exclaimed.

Meanings: “Originality is what makes each of us a masterpiece. Don’t stick to the same old way of doing things.”

“Stop thinking and just do what’s natural for you, instead of what’s expected. Some of our best work is done when we least expect it.”

“You can’t perform perfectly under the watch of critical eyes. When you don’t force perfection, it happens by itself, spontaneously. Great things happen when you least suspect it.”

“Whenever you watch over someone you make them self-conscious and uncreative. It’s like trying to teach a child. If you let them alone they will usually figure it out themselves and it will be great.” – See

Writers block / The way out

There’s inspiration everywhere. It’s as though “writers block” is simply a reflection of mood; a depressive nothingness. Have no fear and continue writing whether it is of substance or not. “Apply ass to chair” is what my teacher Fred Thorsen would say about creative blocks and distractions. Anxiety also creates barriers for writers, when those feelings aroused in me he would tell me to chug water. Sceptical I was of this method but now it’s absolutely proven (in my case) to alleviate stress. Green tea works even better! Allowing my body to flush stress and get back to work. Write even if you don’t want to write or search for that shot although your frustrated. Sometimes the best of works come from angst and frustration.

Sometimes writers can often lose a sense of their creative side, seeing everything as bland, already done, boring or pointless. Let me say this, although we as artists have passion for pen, paper, canvas and camera lenses we need more than just these outlets .  Artists should take mini vacations from life regularly, renewing and nourishing our inner artist and our inner child, exploring, learning and getting away from “it all”. Try doing something just for you. Once a week. Write daily, good or bad, paint, snap shots and keep going.



Write… something…. ;)


“Write, write something”. She said. Staring at the screen with a blank stare. But wait a second, this is emptiness in form, it’s non-conceptual. Of value or of nothingness but, it is writing…. so…. “your going somewhere right?”.

Write, write something”. She said again to herself getting frustrated. She takes a deep breath and thinks of her lover lying in bed. Someone whos special to her and she’d be lying to herself if she said she didn’t love her.

“Write, write something”. She starts to smile while the hip hop blares in the background. Thinking of the markers in her bag and how she’s about to ride the train.

I want to write.

“Write, write something”.

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