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Bullet Ridden Hearts. The Tao of Wu


Yo, this goes for all my brothers and sisters locked down
For all my peoples incarcerated, for those who ain’t make it

Yo, in the housing, thousands seen early graves
Victims of wordly ways, memories stays engraved
All my live brothers, is locked down with high numbers
The young hunger, blind to these lies, they die younger
In this New World the Order slaughter men, women, and children
Ten feet gates surround the building keep us sealed in
The projects, lifeless like a vietnam vet
Constant war, sever threats of enemy conquest
Crooked cops comb my building complex that’s in the rumble
Streets are like a jungle, can’t let my cypher crumble
Vivid thoughts, Devils resort to trick knowledge
They kick garbage, lust for chicks and quick dollars
I know the pain the game bring, I did the same thing
Spaced out in the staircase, performing a sting
It’s hard to keep control, I bless those who seek a scroll
Trying to reach a whole nation and break the sleeper hold
Not a role model, I walk a hard role to follow
I sold bottles of sorrow then chose poems and novels
The gospel was told, some souls it swallowed whole
Mentally they fold, and they eventually sold
their life and times, deadly like the virus design
but too, minute to dilute, the science is mine

You can’t party your life away
Drink your life away
Smoke your life away
Fuck your life away
Dream your life away
Scheme your life away
Cause your seeds grow up the same way

A voice cries from the wilderness of the North
A representation of the families that lost one
all victims of incarceration
Or other divisions of the family structure
Youths are injected with serums that leads
to skin irritations, babies being born with
disfigurations, experimentations
On their faces there bear world relations
of mothers that carry the pain
of blood stained streets where sisters mourn and wail
Big brothers been slain from hails of gun fire
It lightly begins to rain screams of terror
are hidden by the passing trains
This can’t be little Shane, his uncle cried
As he drops to his nephew’s side, holding his cane
Just give me a name, of who has inflicted this
bitter sickness, and left us to witness

Yeah, yo
Curses from war, innocent blood spills for days
Soothe in godly ways, hands, solemn in praise
Tree of life, more precious than Wu is golden game
The wise self flourish inherit, Halls of Fame
Crime visions in my blood got me, locked in prison
While we die hard living people whine about religion, vision
Blow, spin, and sin and killing what’s revealing
It’s a never ending battle with no ending or beginning, listen
Zero process, progress, become the hunted
America’s most wanted, good life flaunted, want it
Some love the speed, some satisfy a need
Some want to be down, young gun seed, jungle breed
The stronger speed, someone die, someone bleed
One flew astray, and then caught my little seed
Can it be, the ice have us trife life, made me grab the knife
The righteous man would be within these stripes pipes
Take in my energy, breath and know the rest
Cause the good die young and the hard die best

You can’t party your life away
Drink your life away
Smoke your life away
Fuck your life away
Dream your life away
Scheme your life away
Cause your seeds grow up the same way
Cause your seeds grow up the same way
Cause your seeds grow up the same way

Y’all bitches love dances, and pulling down your pants
while your man’s on tour, your spending up his advances
Your friends ain’t shit, all they do is drink, smoke, and suck dick
The whole projects is trapped in stench
You either high school drop-outs, one to three cop-outs
Fifteen years old, shorty ass and top out
Ninety-nine cent beer drinking pussy stinking
Fucking so much your ass and titties start shrinking
New World Order slave trade, minimum wage, better cage
Can a devil fool a Muslim nowadays
Inside my lab, I’m going mad
Took two drags off the blunts, and started breaking down the flag
The blue is for the Crips, the red is for the Bloods
The whites for the cops, and the stars come from the clubs
or the slugs that ignites, through the night, by the dawn
Early light, why is sons fighting for the stripe

As we dwell through this concrete hell, calling it home
Mama say, take your time young man and build your own
Don’t wind up like your old dad
Still searching for them glory days he never had
So many bad want to scheme for American dream, no more kings
The cash rule everything now, we going down
These babies looking up to us, it’s up to us
The Million Man March MC’s, get on the bus
But envy, greed, lust, and hate, separate
Though the devil mind state blood kin cannot relate
No longer, brothers, we unstable
Like Kane when he slew Abel, killing each other

You can’t party your life away
Drink your life away
Smoke your life away
Fuck your life away
Dream your life away
Scheme your life away
Cause your seeds grow up the same way
Cause your seeds grow up the same way
Cause your seeds grow up the same way

Wisdom from The Wu

Decades of Wisdom from the Wu.            By Nina Yin Vestergaardwu_tang_clan_wallpaper_by_davidsmith1

Growth, Spirituality and intensifying Stories. Is what comes to mind when I think of Wu Tang Clan. Still today I’m admiring them from “My borough” in Vancouver Canada.

Peace Salaam to the Abbott: Shokran Rza Thank you for all that you have done for me. “The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum” was the case when I was 12 but I have grown up and am realizing / have realized the potential of myself; no longer scared of my own power and spirituality.

My tattoo of the Wu Tang with a lotus flower becomes more and more important in my life every day; located on my right ribcage where it is said Buddha’s mother was touched by the elephant to conceive him.  The video made in Vancouver on the recent Wu tour by my friend Nardwaur and possibly my teacher Fred interviewing Rza in particular where you spoke of the lotus flower… you were speaking to me.

Wu Forever and 36 chambers as well as Killa Beez been were bought for me at an extremely young age. I bought “Digital bullets” a year later, playing the Wu Tang video game which I’d have my lil group of friends come play. I put a big Wu on the basketball hoop at my school and it remained there for many years.

A better tomorrow is the new shit but I’d like to talk about the book written by Rza : The Tao of Wu, it had many Zen type/ Buddhist type stories; true stories! Sories you learn from and have to really think about…and the chicken bone story I could feel on my teeth, or the sad yet heartwarming story about your family moving into the new hood and getting robbed and finding out why so much later down the road.

Rza speaks with peta and his views on being vegan was extremely powerful. These animals are stressed in captivity, when you eat that meat, your eating that stress,”. I appreciate your activism and outspoken attitudes that carries on forever. I recently bought a Quaran for something I’ve never read. Wu Tang got me back into using my time wisely, call me back at the God hour.


Throwing up the W….My birthday turning 21 I was watching Rza perform with Stone Mecca his upcoming album “Digi Snacks” plus all the wu classics in a small club in downtown Vancouver called Richard’s on Richards.. It was beautiful.

Can it all be simple was a song amount many others I was obsessively listening to and watching the videos. I also watched the home videos in the projects; Gunshots and homicide. Shaolin Island. Videos meth made talking about the corrupted world we living in and how we should be preparing ourselves.

But there’s another side… “Good night. Here’s a kiss. Sleep tight and make a wish… “Beautiful. I regard Rza as the best hip hop producer simply because of the talent and style that resonates in my soul.



Nina Yin


Hip hop is Positive. A high school essay by Nina Vestergaard

FB_IMG_1444693086419Hip Hop is more powerful than politics and religion. Its the only thing that brought black people, white people, German people, Asian people and African people together (qtd in DMC Cites Positive Aspects of Hip Hop). The birth date of Hip Hop is officially November 12 1974. In the very beginning of the Hip Hop era many gang members in New York made the transfer from gangs in to crews. This made a positive change for them as well as for their communities. Crews were groups that practiced some of the five elements of Hip Hop: Rapping, DJing, Aerosol writing, B Boying and the study of knowledge. Hip Hop was refined as an alternative to violence which was exactly what New York needed after the explosion of gangs during the 1950’s and 1960’s. According to the International Recording Industry hip hop is the fastest rising music market. It can be a form of expression, emotion, skill, communication, alternative lifestyle or even protest.

One of the most familiar forms of Hip Hop is rapping. Rapping is a written expression in the form of rhyme. It started off when DJs at party’s began toasting. For example: the DJ would make a toast to their friends in the crowd over the microphone, or they would get the party exited by saying a little rhyme. Eventually emcees would come help host the party and rap whole songs while the DJ spins the beats. Rap music has the ability to break all boundaries including age and sex. Although the stereotypical view is that MC s are males the first female MC named Sha Rock was highly respected by all audiences in the 1970’s. Sha Rock was liked so much that she got the most recognition above anyone else in the Hip Hop scene at the time. U.S. Senator Barack Obama is currently campaigning for presidency in America and one of his plans is to use Hip Hop as a positive message. He believes that rappers have a lot of potential to deliver a powerful message of extraordinary magnitude to the public. Rapping is a great outlet for youth because of its high energy and dynamic momentum. Young rappers in British Columbia have the opportunity to participate in skill building camps such as the Hip Hop Hope Project operating out of White Rock. Hip Hop Hope is a five day camp that allows kids to work in a professional studio and record there own album. Even if kids cannot attend such a camp they can get together and either write songs together or freestyle battle, which is tons of fun. A freestyle battle is when two or more MC s try to out-rap each other with lyrics that are made up on the spot, so nothing written. Freestyle battling is a great test of wits and is perfect when your bored with your friends. It’s also a great way for youth to stay out of trouble.

The very first form of Hip Hop was the DJing, or disc jockeying. DJ s are the center of most Hip Hop oriented parties, simply because they are in control of the music. Disc Jockeys creatively innovate sounds and beats on two turntables. DJ s adjust pitch, tone, and speed of the record as well as the current position of the song that they are playing. The DJ has the responsibility of keeping the party alive and jumping. DJing is also great for youth because there is so many possibilities made by mixing, combining two songs, and scratching, manipulating the record by pulling it back and fourth on the turntable. Being a DJ is not an easy task because there is so much to learn. Fortunately there are many teachers that work at music schools such as The Rhythm Institute in Vancouver. With decks you can constantly be innovating and coming up with new techniques and tricks that fit your style. Once a DJ has learned to mix and scratch they have the opportunity to incorporate different songs and different genres of music together. Just like MC’s DJ’s also have the opportunity to record their music and once a youth is making their own music there s no telling how far his music could take him. For example: becoming a DJ at a nightclub, hosting a party or event, being a DJ for a rap group, and even mixing and sampling tracks to sell to up and coming artists.

An example of the amazing use of creativity in Hip Hop is aerosol art or commonly known as graffiti. Aerosol art is also known as tagging, and comes from the first aerosol artist’s group named the Tuff Artists Group or T.A.G. Graffiti is a positive outlet for kids because it gets them outside to see the world, often traveling to new neighborhoods to paint a piece or mural. Graffiti artists bring life to dull objects such as trains and concrete barriers. Most graffiti pieces consists of words with many colors and dimensions often in 3d. Artists try to develop there own style that makes them unique, which is good for a youth’s self esteem. Graffiti is very controversial and in most cases an illegal art form. Although it’s unlawful it has become so common throughout the world that the legality should be reconsidered. Due to most graffiti being prohibited legal walls and competitions have been funded by supporters of the art form. Young artists can come and compete against each other or just come down and watch. Graffiti art has limitless possibilities, there are hundreds of thousands of fascinating photo s on the website www.artcrimes.com. This website is a collection of pictures of graffiti from all corners of the world. Youth can log on to this website and dream of becoming one of the worlds best.

One of the more physical forms of hip hop is B-Boying, otherwise known as break dancing or breaking. Breaking is an excellent cardiovascular activity, good for getting the heart rate up and oxygen in your lungs. This style of dancing has limitless possibilities unlike square dancing which is taught in elementary or high schools. B-Boying or B-Girling is a dance style with complex moves that involve high levels of endurance and skill. Breaking originates from the streets of New York during the birth of hip hop and was a definite alternative to violence during the hard times in the Bronx. It is a very creative outlet for youths because combines all dance forms with a new style of hip hop. Similair to an MC freestyle battle, dancers can get together and do freestyle dance battles. DJ’s often host these get togethers and mix up music for the individual dancer. At the higher level of hip hop dancing youth can compete in provincial and national competitions to prove they’re worth in the Hip Hop scene. B-Boy battles are a positive environment for youth because they are constantly learning new moves, and in doing so staying out of trouble.

The last but most commonly overlooked aspect of Hip Hop is knowledge. Youth will learn ways to channel energy, emotion and most importantly knowledge through they re rapping, disc jockeying, aerosol writing, and breaking. Through Hip Hop youth learn ways to express and control all ranges of emotion. Knowledge is often overlooked as a part of Hip Hop because having knowledge of hip hop is an obvious necessity to excel as a progressive artist. As a person develops they’re Hip Hop skills not only will they learn knowledge of they form, but they will also learn knowledge of self. Knowledge of self also goes with knowledge of your horizons, as you grow older you realize that there is great potential in self expression and music. There is so much information on the famous artists in Hip Hop, from biographies to interviews and world news. The birth of the scene is documented in the form of an oral history lesson written by all or most of the original Hip Hop founders. The knowledge of Hip Hop is limitless.

There is so much evidence of why Hip Hop is a positive outlet for youth, from the many choices of artist expression to the study of hip hop knowledge. Due to the fact that Hip Hop is a new movement, many parents are unsure of why Hip Hop is right for they’re children, but with an informative essay such as this one these views can be easily swayed for the better of today’s youth. A smooth rap flow can be soothing to ears, a DJ’s innovations can be astonishing to a crowd, a graffiti artists piece can be a perfection of abstract thought, a B-Boys dance could be near the point of impossible theatrics and the knowledge of the Hip Hop community could move nations. Hip Hop is a healthy alternative to violence and positive for todays children. This style of music has deep roots and is said it represents a will to survive through strength and self expression.