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A Zen story. By Nina Yin


In my search, for likeminded, a hastily search which I regret rushing through, I came across a monk but,more of a 21st century monk ( very outspoken ). Quite digital of a way to cross paths but yet very real, casually speaking at first but eventually ; Too real to handle while unsteady or unbalanced not admittedly so.

I told him “I am studying Buddhism.” Shortly after , He told me… “when you find the Buddha kill him,”


Questioning this quickly in my mind and Frightened was my initial reaction. Leaving the statement behind in haste; not looking back.

This was disturbing, a disturbing Koan in a form of statement, and as to why he told me took me months to understand what I thought was to be very dark.

Months passed,I had been cold, homeless, in and out of sanity, In love and in war with myself and others.But eventually I found a home; a place to study. January 1st 2016

A light was tossed into this deep catacomb of the statement, I am so blind! I concentrated on my breath and within seconds fell to sleep peacefully. But, what is important is that I don’t understand / didn’t understand and will never fully understand. “When you find the Buddha, kill him.”

Nina Yin


The warriors way