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Misty Rain on Mt. Lu – Su Tung-P’o

“Misty rain on Mount Lu,
and waves surging in Che-chiang.
When you have not yet been there,
many a regret surely you have;
but once there and heading homeward,
how matter-of-fact everything looks!
Misty rain on Mount Lu,
and waves surging in Che-chiang.”

—- Su Tung-P’o

Source: Misty Rain on Mt. Lu – Su Tung-P’o

Nina Yin / goodnightnina reads her Buddhist love poetry. Slam poetry reading. Lotus in the mud.

That a fool that knows they are a fool is truly wise… They say that life is suffering

They say that what goes around comes around, the karma; my dharma

They say that to take a journey as to meditate can be a key to enlightenment and that my worldly desires can only be a burden I carry along with me

They also say love is a burden but, after  I am in love and that is something I will forever carry

I belong to an infinite universebong among the endless stars. So I bow my head to the way

I send out my positive energy to my mother earth of which is my home; and like the stars; my energy is infinite

My dreams are constantly speaking with me, possibly even more so when my mind is clear; because they say…

That whoms mind is clear

Unto them

The Universe Surrenders


Zen Poetry: The trouble is. – Nina

I was fine with the struggle but the trouble is…

“The struggle is,”.
Beautiful the struggle is…
But painful, the words mustering.

It’s said life is suffering.
I attempt to uproot But the trouble is; the suffering.
“Has deep roots “.
I must attempt to uncover this…

Where did all begin? I’m wondering…
The trouble is, wondering the suffering roots is;

Meditating on uncomforting subjectives, suffering and
All of a sudden I find nothingness*
Even the monk searches by searching “nothingness,”.

The trouble is…