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A Zen story. By Nina Yin


In my search, for likeminded, a hastily search which I regret rushing through, I came across a monk but,more of a 21st century monk ( very outspoken ). Quite digital of a way to cross paths but yet very real, casually speaking at first but eventually ; Too real to handle while unsteady or unbalanced not admittedly so.

I told him “I am studying Buddhism.” Shortly after , He told me… “when you find the Buddha kill him,”


Questioning this quickly in my mind and Frightened was my initial reaction. Leaving the statement behind in haste; not looking back.

This was disturbing, a disturbing Koan in a form of statement, and as to why he told me took me months to understand what I thought was to be very dark.

Months passed,I had been cold, homeless, in and out of sanity, In love and in war with myself and others.But eventually I found a home; a place to study. January 1st 2016

A light was tossed into this deep catacomb of the statement, I am so blind! I concentrated on my breath and within seconds fell to sleep peacefully. But, what is important is that I don’t understand / didn’t understand and will never fully understand. “When you find the Buddha, kill him.”

Nina Yin


The warriors way


Me reciting ; The Universe Surrenders: Slam poetry reading.


They say that a lotus flower can only bloom in the mud and peace can only be found in poverty

That a fool that knows they are a fool is truly wise… They say that life is suffering

They say that what goes around comes around, the karma; my dharma

They say that to take a journey as to meditate can be a key to enlightenment and that my worldly desires can only be a burden I carry along with me

They also say love is a burden but, after  I am in love and that is something I will forever carry

I belong to an infinite universebong among the endless stars. So I bow my head to the way

I send out my positive energy to my mother earth of which is my home; and like the stars; my energy is infinite

My dreams are constantly speaking with me, possibly even more so when my mind is clear; because they say…

That whoms mind is clear

Unto them

The Universe Surrenders

-Nina Vestergaard

Tao of Nina and My Inner bodhisattva.

Nina Yin

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Zen Buddhism. Zen. Peace. Chi’ . Beauty. : Life. Death. Reborn.


Buddhism and the teachings of dharma /noble truths.

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Undeniably; a way I choose to study, follow, practice and teach. Buddha attained the key to enlightenment and nirvana through meditation and through the dharma (teachings) and a lifetime in search for truths to life’s suffering. The selflessness and humble ideology touches my soul and brings me happiness. Understanding and accepting noble truths is a daily study. Spreading Buddhist teachings is a rewarding and creative outlet for this lifetime I have been given.



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Simplicity and positivity are of good essence, not to be confounded by the vast energies of this world, but to be one with them ; Being reborn to learn the dharma (teachings) once again. Finding peace in the chaos and make the world a better place for human beings and any living creature.

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Spreading the teachings of the dharma. To be self aware of your actions, and working daily to be more useful. Practicing meditation and studying koans are a part of Buddhist teachings: Koans are questions, put fourth for you to seek and learn it’s purpose and answer with your own spirit. Constantly searching in oneself for the answers of life’s questions. Although I am a buddhist, Buddhism is not singular in a sense it is the “only” way of good. Embracing others religion and spirituality gracefully and others not judging is important.



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Do good deeds, in the face of anger be neutral and when faced with pain be empathetic. Make your surroundings in a way as to nurture your inner Buddha. Cleanliness and flowing chi’. Do not be lazy, nor impolite ;sinful in nature. Be healthy, eating of animals is unacceptable  After eating, clean. Avoid greed, anger in your heart heart nor live lustful for worldly things. Meditation and Zen I am attemping to make my home a partial “zendo”. A zendo is an empty place without pictures or furniture, for one to feel alone and undistracted, for one to meditate without distraction is important. Although you may not have an empty space, an area free of distractions can also act as a zendo. In my and in many people’s opinions there are not necessarily wrong ways to meditate. Do not expect certain feelings to arise, or disappear; it is the practice that is important. Concentrating on one’s breath one may become calmer during meditation.


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Appreciate every moment; All cultures, people, amimals, creatures plants are intricately connected. Admire Respect all ways and religious practices as they too may be essences of good. Incorporate your Buddhism in all aspect of life. Be yourself y’all! We are all individual spiritual beings with different stories but connected to one universe. Make every day count for every step you take you may only take once.


Written by: Nina Yin Vestergaard


Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by Nina Vestergaard.


A Buddhist monk who studied and meditated on the teachings of Buddha for over a decade wanted to speak with an enlightened one who dwelled alone in a small temple high in the mountains. He prepared for his journey eager to hear his teaching. After 7 days of rigorous hiking he reached the temple.

The master greeted him and welcomed him inside. The master put some tea on to boil and they sat in silence. The monk became very eager and unsettled in not hearing his teaching. The master poured the tea and sat with the monk. The monk didn’t drink his tea and began questioning his master of Buddha.

The master replied.. “You have studied Buddhism for 20 years and can not simply enjoy this cup of tea?” The monk wept…. as another step to enlightenment lay under his feet….

Nina Yin

My Journey. My Zazen. Studies n Poetry.

Misty rain on Mount Lu
And waves surging in Che-chiang;
When you have not yet been there,
Many regret you surely have;

But once there and homeward you send,
How matter of fact things look!

Misty rain on Mount Lu
And waves surging in Che-chiang….


Samsara: Birth and Death.

Buddhist scriptures have it, the darkness of the cave itself turns into enlightenment when a torch of spiritual insight burns. Darkness and enlightenment are not two separate things. Is life not as we live it, cut into pieces by recklessly applying the murderous knife of intellectual surgery?

::::::My robe is torn, shreds hanging and blowing in the wind::::::::::

Whatever this is, there is one thing in this connection which we can never afford to lose sight of – that is, the peace of poverty (for peace is only found in poverty) moral ground. Zen is quite emphatic in this mystic flight, comes from fighting the battle of life courageously and undauntingly.

Written by Nina Shade Vestergaard taken from Zen Buddhism organized by D.T. Suzuki and the teachings of ancient zen master Pai-Chang Nieh-P’an.

Peace upon you all.