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Zen Tails; The Happiness Follows

 An old cat once walked up on a younger cat that was chasing his tail. The old cat asked, “what are you doing?” The younger replied, I just found out that my happiness is in my tail. I’m going to catch it and be happy. The older cat laughed and said “I heard that too when I was your age. What I found though is that if I just go about my day doing what needs to be done my happiness just seems to follow me wherever I go.

Misty Rain on Mt. Lu – Su Tung-P’o

“Misty rain on Mount Lu,
and waves surging in Che-chiang.
When you have not yet been there,
many a regret surely you have;
but once there and heading homeward,
how matter-of-fact everything looks!
Misty rain on Mount Lu,
and waves surging in Che-chiang.”

—- Su Tung-P’o

Source: Misty Rain on Mt. Lu – Su Tung-P’o

Without Fear : Zen Master



Without Fear

During the civil wars in feudal Japan, an invading army would quickly sweep into a town and take control. In one particular village, everyone fled just before the army arrived – everyone except the Zen master. Curious about this old fellow, the general went to the temple to see for himself what kind of man this master was. When he wasn’t treated with the deference and submissiveness to which he was accustomed, the general burst into anger.

“You fool,” he shouted as he reached for his sword, “don’t you realize you are standing before a man who could run you through without blinking an eye!”

But despite the threat, the master seemed unmoved. “And do you realize,” the master replied calmly, “that you are standing before a man who can be run through without blinking an eye?”

“”Happy are those who do not fear death. They know no…

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When Two Zen Masters Meet. Zen Stories. via Zen Flash

“When two Zen masters meet, whoever speaks first has fallen from his status. Days may pass by; they may

eat together, they may look around at the beauty in the sunset and in the morning and in the starry night,

but nobody is going to say a single word. Not saying a single word and remaining just a mirror…..The

mirror never says anything about the reflection, neither does the lake. The moon may be beautiful, the

moon is reflected the lake should dance with joy. Similar is the case with consciousness. At its ultimate

peak works are left far below, as if you have risen above the clouds. The moment you bring any word in,

you have spoiled the whole communication.

If somebody asks you, “what is truth?”

show him your silence.

Show him your fragrance, show him your love.

Share with him your presence.”

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