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Rascalz – Blind Wid The Science ; Cash Crop 1997



My favourite verse.


Beyond compare, will I dare
A glutton for punishment
You’re starring so deeply
Cause of my hypnotic
Predicament you’re in [?] now
As I mention
Turns of abuse
Laughin, it’s too late for a truce
I pass the physical all mentally
I got the chemistry
Them other’s are history
When I shape em like geometry
So parallel my gram
You must be hittin with the third
Your visions [?] blurred
Trapezoid and obscure by the right one
The Misfit, maverick, here’s the light one [?]
Two, three then you will see the
Subliminal message
When pros flow
By a morse code tactic
My advice, obstain from overuse
Please don’t overdose, in soul
You’ll needs a boost
Hooked like your sweet tooth
On a lyrical fountain-head
We’ll learn sure the malnurished when I gets fed
Puttin kings in check, only true be fortold
I’m wrecking his fashion
By makin a statement with this tongue lashin
In ways you can’t figure, is I be
Swingin a size 44 bat
Like a Louisville slugger
And when this ends
To the mound, I be the pitcher
Do you get the picture
It’s time to substitute you for a pinch hitter