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NonFictionSlamComposition. Im back. – Nina


Everything is falling apart; but everything is coming together

Destroy and rebuild; rebuild and destroy, Yes I endeavoured

I created a world and left it behind n I…. Still shine.

Creating a new place; place n peace of mind n I’m

Suffering uncomfortably then suddenly…

Comfortable nonetheless!

Blissful in nothingness*

My 3rd eye moonshine remove I from crude times..

Zen bends my lights to the contexts that I suggest

So the world is mine and I am simple sublime

Construct my life obscuring obstruction

Its my life; I play like a conductor

N My heart beats like percussion

And I’m not scared to die like life is nothing

But I die to live; my life is mine to give

Forgive me for living like what I got to lose is nothing

What would you expect in this time of glutton?


Life is something.






Sick of being sick.

sad girl cry 3.jpg

I wish I didn’t get sick on the daily

I don’t want to wonder what this pain is

In my stomach

I don’t want to wake up in agony

I don’t want to be scared of what that may be

I wan’t to be normal again

I wan’t to be in control of my day

I hate feeling like this

Feeling like shit every time I open my eyes

No answers from doctors every single time

For four months; I throw up when I wake up

With no clue what its a case of…

People keep calling me pregnant and its getting old

I wish! That would be a miracle and a gift!

This is a curse;

Ive never dealt with a sickness that troubled me worse

I got to get to the bottom of this

Find out what the damn problem is


“Throwing up

Tears running down my face

Waking up…

Like this.”



Muh Hat. The attention grabber complete with kitty ears.


When I was living on the streets I decided to do something special for myself one day. I went shopping at Capilano Mall 3 blocks from the shelter. I had been trying to save money but I was extremely depressed, buying this definitely cheered me up. Although! I felt very childish buying kitty ears toque with attached kitty mitts. I never would have thought it would make me suck a peacock, but I liked it. I’ve never had so many complements on a piece of clothing in my life… catching girls taking pictures of me on the train and sometimes up to 5 times a day people stopping me to tell me how much they love the hat. It definitely kept me warm as well in zero degree temperatures while I struggled my way out of shelters and from a ice cold R.V. to the beautiful home I have today.

Diz iz muh hat.