The saga continues

n Im Riding it out

Blessed for another day.

Asking what you about

I struggle so I hustle

But could be humble without

Clout pays the bills; so ain’t no hiding

im out.

The fact is; no actin n I’m a provider

Grown up I show up n ignite it

Pushing my people up higher

This is superimposed

So I suppose I’m a writer

More like a rider

I don’t care if nobody reads this verse

I care about my seeds n my girl

I write these things for me

n I ain’t got a need in the world.



Oh how beautiful when night turns to day. What a blessing it was to see your face. My only brother I’ve ever had. Thinking about you every day.

It’s hard to write about you. Missing you this badly. We meet in other realms due to the strength of our connection.

I could cry but I won’t. I’m trying not to. Blessed to be alive another day. I’m carrying on this path holding the torch for you.

I am thankful for every last year day minute n second I had with you. You are a true Angel to me.

Rym therepe

Blessed nuff sedded stress shredded

gets chedda days bedda bedda weatha

Foreva bliss reminiss I make a wish

Came true remain true to my dreams

In-between behinds the scenes fiend

Knowledge abolish wack shi n I frollic

Drop bomb like Wu atomic Islamic

Meaning peace n I piece with ease


Change rain.

So this is the retrograde rain

Of pain and joy?

Similes and metaphors

I regain control as the rain pours

But yes; to love change embrace pain

Tattering and trickling

Dripping on my soul

Yet is is filling me; I am whole

The whole world planets and stars

Watching the rain fall and wash

And cleanse

Seeds birth a new life

For me or for anyone and Everything

In this life

In this change

In this rain.


Morning Galphabet Szoup

Whaddya right write in the dark of night night mystty morning words take flight like birds they might chirp delighted to be reunited with my word type typwriter observer of silence.

Serenity plentiful gently breathe sentences please be a gentleman sentimental is my lifetime of entity; a splash of word alphabet soup for your breakfast then.

I opologize for the abstract but I’m obliged to wrap this like a Christmas gifted basket.

Ink therapy

It’s dark morning.

The time for rhyme therapy; my clarity

Climb out of disparity; hearing me

Write these words; observe purpose

Present moment is the service

Back again with a digital saturated pen

Micro ink blot.

Thank you my friend.

The universe grants me another day

Thankful and it’s never in vain

I’m finding peace here in the winters air

Northwest blessed

I’m feeling fresh and clear