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What you wanna be?

The beautifully free

Picking the fruits from the tree

Asking eachother “Like, who you gonna be”

And she’s lookin’ at me.

But aint nothin for free.

So I said ” Im gonna hustle, you gotta hustle to eat”.

Now I knew; I was just taking the easy way out

Cause god got my back and putting food in my mouth

But I always wanted more; movin’ about with a clout

I should have stayed on a path but I took another route

Years gone past and I seen the same sister

The hustle was a struggle and I really fucking missed her

The freedom we had; can I go back to the past

So I turned to the girl and asked

“What you want to be?”



Nina Shade (GoodnightNina) – Witty Unpredictable (Slam Poetry over Just Dilla) Pt 2

Nina Yin Slam Poetry Freestyle

I see through third eye, they say check the optometrist.

Blossoming seed, forever I am an optimist.

Inspire cause im inspired, by any and all mediums.

Acquire the gift and uplifting all my people with.

Artistic mystic, significantly shifting.

My wishlist is listed linguistics

I put the drank down and put this thang down.

I see clear as a vision no mystery in me now.

My mind is yin yang, the Sun Tzu art of war.

I’ve already won, pen over your sword

But I’m chilling on stand by samurai in the the darkness.

Rooftop of the projects, assembling an arsenal.

Student w no teacher, Witty unpredictable, resemblance self

until death I get deeper.


XiaoYing. Nina Yin – Peace. —-Short Rap–!—- :)


Everybody want to be a “G” in the streets / Sometimes I just want to see, / Some “peace” in the streets.

Lay back with my peeps Talk peace talk, not street talk / no fear in the heart of the city where we walk.

Open Vancity skies.. To sunshine… / Ban the violence, so no need for onetime.

All we wanna do is have fun, / time for my crew to run wild. Have a truce with gangs / so the troops can hang.

Truth is a thing of pride.

Toss the colors aside and swing wide.

One Love.

Check it out.

One Love.

To the streets.



Streets tell tales. Nina Yin Poetry.

Tongue sharp as a sword/mighty switchblade ideology. Accordingly change/ Autumn leaves Socrates astrology autonomy.

Streets tell tales like warzones, torn homes,/ families with no hope instored most. I implore opening doors call me the host.

Pain, phame and egotism. Ace in the hole aim to kill / contradicting truth, it’s all fiction.

Smashing a Babylonian mold / sold back in many pieces, centuries to retrieve it. Eyes see demons no deceiving.

Chemical weaponry for my team, what I mean enlightening regime we dream Z’$ cream n peace.

Across water, borders, lawless / no control us behold us the lowest form of life is

all knowing…